Richard and International Coconut,

I wanted to thank you on behalf of Ohio State University's Product Development team for donating a coconut sample. Our team was recently announced one of the 6 finalists for the IFT Product Development Competition. We will be presenting our final product this July at the IFT convention. We truly appreciate your generosity; our product would not have been the same without it!

Thank You,
Jenna Wlotzko 
Jenna Wlotzko

Food Science & Technology

The Ohio State University

APRIL 2010


I'm so glad I am able to purchase the product I needed. I could not find Sweetened, Fancy Shred Coconut anyplace where I live, nor even 100 miles in a big city. I contacted Baker's (Company who use to distribute the Shred coconut, and they no longer make it, but offered other products).
I have several recipes which call for the Coconut. I do not care to use flake coconut(does not have the same texture).
I do have to purchase 10 lbs. at a time, but it's not problem. I package it in zip-loc bags ( 2 cups per bag) and this is great and saves time with pre-measured amounts.
Thank You Amazon for displaying this company on your site. This is my second purchase of coconut.

Joyce 2009


My 83 year old mother, who "makes the best coconut cream pies in the world," ONLY likes fancy sweetened shredded coconut for her pies, and for her other baking needs (me too). This kind is VERY difficult to find in our area. The Amish community bulk stores used to have it, but it's next to impossible to find it there now. Very frustrating to try to find "just the right kind" that Mom likes. Honestly, the flaked coconut, or the very fine coconut that is much easier to purchase in stores around here just do NOT make the best coconut cream pies. Flaked and fine shredded are wider, flatter shaped and have a "dry" texture to them that just do NOT work as well in cream pies. Fancy sweetened shredded coconut is moist, "just right" chewy, and bakes up well, both inside the mixture and on top of the meringue. After hunting and giving up, on finding my mother's favorite in our stores in this area of Ohio, our daughter said to just go to and we are SO GLAD that we did! Ordered it from Richard at International Coconut Corp. through Amazon, and found a quick response, friendly voice on the phone when I called with a question, and the coconut arrived within a few days! After saving out a little for myself, we took the coconut to my Mom (she lives 160 miles away) and when she saw it, and tasted it, she said, "This is it. This is the right kind!" (Music to our ears.) Now we know where to order it in the future. Thanks for your service. We thanked Richard, of course, for the fine product and quick delivery from the International Coconut Company. Fed Ex did a great job of a quick delivery. Great work on all sides!

Ronald D. Hinebaugh

"I bought this product in my quest to come up with the ultimate recipe for
coconut macaroons, and I was not
disappointed! The size of the shreds of the shredded coconut available in
retail grocery stores was always too long
and "stringy", but this stuff is PERFECT - not only in size, but also in
freshness and taste.
My order was processed and shipped very promptly.
Consider me a thoroughly pleased customer! I'll be buying this again!!"

Priscilla   :-)

Kenne, N.H.

It is a lovely product!  My kids had a blast!   You can expect their thank you notes in the mail any day now.  Their notes will tell you more. Thank you so much for your consideration!  You are wonderful!


 Andi Phillips
John Marshall High School, Los Angeles California

Thank you.  I appreciate that it arrived so quickly.  I used some right away and will give some of it to my coconut-loving friends.  And I'll order more in the future!
Posted August 2007

OH MY GOD!!!!  Your coconut is the best my family and friends have EVER had! 
We are quickly making granola, adding to cereal and ready to make cookies and pies.  Thank you so much for providing a great quality product!  Lisa Baraszu, Georgia

Posted September 2007

Dear Richard:

Thank you so much for sending us coconut to use for
our Christmas Festival baking.  The Sisters are so happy
and will put it to good use!  We really appreciate your
donation and your generosity to us.  God bless you.


Sister Elizabeth Gale
Community of Jesus
11 Bay View Drive
Orleans, Mass. 02653


Your macaroon coconut 10 lbs box arrived in great shape. The product was beautiful! One suggestion I have is to place a business card in with your items as we can put that up on our fridge for ready access to when we need to place our next order. We ordered it from I will give you the highest 5 star satisfaction rating :-) I will be telling all of my friends and family about your product and baking and sharing the goodness of your macaroon coconut product with my home congregation. Thanks!

Rev. Bonnie Knight
OR/ID United Methodist Church
Oregon City, OR 


Hi Richard,

I just found out your coconut arrived on Friday.  We are so grateful
to receive it for our fund-raiser baking.  The sisters are about to embark
on their yearly projects of baked items for our store (we call it the Monastic Bake Shop).  May God bless you for doing this for us.

Sister Elizabeth Gale
The Community of Jesus
5 Bay View Drive
Orleans, MA 02653


I do like the coconut I purchased. I have several recipes that call for
Sweetened Shred Coconut and I cannot find it in any stores, even 100 miles away it is not carried.
Thank You